The Monday Message

September 5, 2022


Head Coach's Message

Just a couple of quick swimming etiquette reminders this week…

  • Arriving Late - The first 10 minutes of each workout are for warm-up. Swimmers who arrive after the 10 minute mark should check in with the coach on deck. If there is room in your lane, wait until all swimmers stop at the end of the pool before entering. Let them know you are joining, figure out where in the swimming order you'll fit, and don't interrupt the workout! This will reduce the chance of collisions and keep you and your teammates safe.
  • Using the Pace Clock - When you start a swim, you should leave on a number that ends in a 0 or 5. The best time to leave is on the top (:00) or the bottom (:30). This makes it easy to calculate your time and figure out when to leave on the next swim. Try to avoid leaving at a random time on the clock or not paying attention to the clock at all.
  • Finishing Your Swims - When you finish your swim please move out of the way so your teammates also have the opportunity to finish. When someone stops early or does not move out of the way it cuts other swimmers' workouts short.

   Thanks for working together to ensure everyone has the best possible experience at every DAM workout!

DAM Board Meeting

The next DAM Board meeting will be on Thursday, September 15, at 6:30PM in the Brady Building.

DAM Birthdays 

Nicole LaCaroMonday, September 5
Randy ThompsonMonday, September 5
David CalfeeThursday, September 8
Alexandre Tremeau-BravardThursday, September 8
Andrew LiuSaturday, September 10
Dennis RobinsonSaturday, September 10
David StarkovichSaturday, September 10
Diane BarrettSunday, September 11
Stephen BianchiSunday, September 11
Corinne CalfeeSunday, September 11

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