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October 24, 2022


Head Coach's Message

As you know, the Brute Squad is fast approaching. We have been (and will continue to) gear up to this event with workouts specifically designed to prepare you for your journey into brute-hood. It is my goal to convince you all that you can become Brutes. If you think it is too difficult for you, I wanted to remind you of a few helpful modifications…

  1. You can take breaks at any time during the event. The beginning of this event starts with a lot of fly. If that seems daunting to you, add in some breaks. There is no rule for how long you break at each wall, so take your rest when you need it. I promise, you will not be judged!

  2. You don’t have to swim it fast. Sure if you want to go fast you can, but that is NOT a requirement. Swim it as smoothly as you want. The main goal is completion!

  3. If you are doing the Non-Competitive version, you can accessorize - meaning you can add equipment. This can be a huge help, and although your times will not count toward the Top 10 list, you will still be a Brute.

  4. If you’re doing the Non-Competitive version, you can do single arm fly. For those of you with shoulder injuries or with difficulty swimming fly, this hack is for you. Swim all the single arm fly you want!

  5. And finally, don’t forget about the US Masters Swimming modifications, which are totally legal in all USMS competitions. Click HERE to read an article written by Coach Stu detailing all the modifications you can use as a Masters swimmer. This includes double arm backstroke and fly with a breaststroke kick.

Don’t get me wrong, the Brute Squad is a very difficult event, but with these strategies and all the training you have been doing over the last few months, nearly everyone can get through it. Lets challenge ourselves and make this the biggest Brute Squad ever!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at

Coach Matt

You can also find more information here: 14th Annual Ross Yancher Brute Squad Event Information


Schedule Update

We will not be holding the evening workout (6:15 pm) on Halloween (Monday, 10/31). All other workouts will go on as planned. If you are a regular at the evening workouts, feel free to join a morning or afternoon practice. You can get in a good workout and earn some extra fun on Halloween night!

Silent Auction Update

   The annual Holiday Party, Business Meeting and Silent Auction will be at 6:00pm on December 10 at the Senior Center MPR

   Our club has a wealth of gifted artists and generous supporters. If you feel called to participate in this very special event, we are reaching out to you for donations in the following categories.

  • Gift Baskets
  • Art pieces and craft work
  • Vacation homes
  • Gift coupons
  • Services
  • Sports game tickets
  • and any other creative idea that is valuable

   Please consider contributing individually or by participating with your lane mates from your workout time to create a gift basket. Each of the 10 practice hours is asked to fill one or more baskets by theme (click here for common gift basket ideas). We are hoping to receive a nice variety of unique gift baskets.

   The actual delivery date for selected items will be during the week of December 5.

   GIFT BASKETS - There are boxes at Civic and Arroyo where you can drop off your gift basket proposal form using the attached form. 

   OTHER DONATIONS - There will also be a general donation box at each pool for other donations not assigned to a basket: art work, vacation cabins, coupons, services, etc.

  All of the above donated items will require this form listing donor contact, info, a description of the proposed donation and the value of the item. Completed donation forms are due by November 11. After the deadline, and in an effort to keep raffle items at an acceptable standard and avoid duplications, the selection committee will notify approved donors of their acceptance by November 18

Donors will receive additional information about the auction and specific details regarding tax-deduction requirements after the donation period closes.

   The actual delivery date for selected items will be during the week of December 5.

Nomination Period Now Open: Serve DAM by becoming a member of the Board of Directors - Application Deadline Nov. 7

   The board of directors will be holding elections beginning in November for 4 open positions.

   Directors work on a wide variety of tasks and are responsible for administering DAM’s bylaws, polices, and procedures; attending and contributing to monthly board meetings; providing guidance and oversight of DAM’s operating budget; serving on committees; and representing the best interests of the organization. Terms are 2 years in duration. All directors must be DAM members in good standing.

   If you wish to nominate a teammate, please speak with that person and ensure that they are willing to serve. You also may nominate yourself. If necessary, the board of directors will prepare the final slate of candidates.

   Please submit a one paragraph statement of interest to the DAM registrar no later than Monday, November 7. Questions? Contact a board member, or the DAM registrar.

DAM Board Meeting

The next DAM Board meeting will be on Tuesday, November 8, at 6:30PM in the Brady Building.

DAM Board Meeting

The next DAM Board meeting will be on Tuesday, November 8, at 6:30PM in the Brady Building.

Grand Prix Wrapup

Hey, hey, hey all you Grand Prix participants: closing date is MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2022.  Current standings are posted here.

The USMS 3000/6000 Virtual Championships (2 points each swim) are the final events available. You must complete them and register before Nov. 1 for this year's Grand Prix event. So, swim and then input your times on the ClubAssistant site before Nov. 1. Good luck!

The next DAM Board meeting will be on Tuesday, November 8, at 6:30PM in the Brady Building.

DAM Birthdays 

Thomas MartensMonday, October 24
William McDonaldMonday, October 24
Tariq KadirTuesday, October 25
Jennifer PhalenTuesday, October 25
Mary-Therese SchweickertTuesday, October 25
Diane DavisWednesday, October 26
Theodore KrovetzThursday, October 27
John LavezzoThursday, October 27
Katie EricksonFriday, October 28
Stephanie KoopFriday, October 28
Jared ShawFriday, October 28
William ChanSaturday, October 29
Diane LardelliSaturday, October 29
Deborah GrittsSunday, October 30
Barbara PaulsonSunday, October 30
Lauren PrinceSunday, October 30

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