What are the odds......?

Civic Pool Heater Fails - Practices moving to Arroyo

   Well, it finally happened. They say that a watched pot never boils, and the attentive DAM member knows the same applies to the beleaguered heater at Civic Pool....or does it?  

   You may recall that the heater at Civic was failing (i.e. turning off spontaneously) for a period last winter. The cause was difficult to trace, and the repair vendor advised that they could not repair the issue unless the heater (a) failed, and (b) was left in the failed state until repair personnel could be summoned. 

   Unfortunately, the heater stopped failing the moment this plan was put in place.

   Until today. Yes, the "watched pot" finally came to a boil and our heater has been failing like a champ!

Now what?

   We do not yet have a timeline for the repair, but the repair process will not begin until Friday (when the repair personnel will arrive). Once the heater is repaired, the pool will have to be reheated, which will take a couple of additional days. 

   DAM is fortunate in that there is another pool in town that we can move to during this period. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation and understanding!

   Here's what DAM members need to know:

  • Tonight's (Tues, May 9) 6:15 practice will be held at Civic. The pool temperature is falling, but the hardy are encouraged to attend as usual. 
  • Starting Wed, May 10, all daytime practices will be moved to Arroyo Pool. 
  • The evening space at Arroyo is not available until 7:40PM. DAM will hold a single evening workout from 7:40-8:40PM as a temporary substitution for the regular 6:15PM workout. (The pool will be shared with the City Lap Swim program during this time.)
  • Saturday morning workouts, and weekend lap swim, are suspended until Civic repairs are complete.

And one other thing...

   Matt Zachan, our second candidate for the head coach position, will follow his pre-planned itinerary tomorrow at Arroyo Pool. Matt will coach practices during the day as planned, but will not coach the evening practice. The Q & A session in the Brady Buil will be held as scheduled.

About Arroyo Pool

Arroyo is an 8-lane pool located at 2000 Shasta Dr in West Davis.  The locker rooms are not heated, but the showers are. While at Arroyo, please follow the same Covid guidance options as at Civic.