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DAM Membership

A DAM membership allows you to swim at any of our scheduled workouts, at any of the pools we use. There are  47 coached workouts each week, and 6 hours of lap swim each weekend.  The schedule lists workout times and pools.

Our workouts are coached, one-hour sessions. Swimmers are grouped in separate lanes, according to their ability and times. There is a 10 minute warmup period, and 50 minutes of  coach-led training. 

You may attend multiple workouts throughout the week, at a time and pool location that works for you. You can also attend the open lap swims at Civic on the weekends. No sign-ups required (for workouts or for lap swim), just show up and swim.

Note that we have a modified swim schedule on holidays, which is always posted on the website, or on the white board at the workouts leading up to a holiday. For example, there are no workouts on Christmas Day, and no workouts on the day of the Lake Berryessa Open Water Swim.

Read more details below, and if you're ready to join, click here to start the process of becoming a DAM member! 

The Details

  • Monthly Membership Cost and Payments

DAM charges a monthly membership fee to all members, and a monthly pool fee that varies depending on the member's age. The two fees address the costs of renting the pools from the city, and the costs of running the club. We separate these costs because we can control the costs of running the club (membership fees), but pool rental fees are out of our control.

Monthly DAM dues are paid by automatic monthly payment from your checking or savings account. Swim fees for unlimited swims also are paid by automatic monthly payment. 

Drop-ins, one-time visitors who are registered with USMS, are welcome to swim a workout with DAM. Please check in with the Coach on deck at least 15 minutes prior to the workout you would like to swim. Cost is $10 per workout. Pay by cash or check to the Coach on deck. 

  • USMS Registration

All individuals who swim with DAM, regardless of the frequency, must maintain current registration with US Masters Swimming (USMS). The USMS provides liability insurance for DAM and its coaching staff, and DAM requires that all participants in our workouts, weekend lap swims, and competitions are registered. All USMS registrations expire on 31 December and must be renewed annually. You will receive a registration reminder from USMS around 1 November.

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