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Join Dam

Read the information below, and complete the necessary steps outlined. If you have questions or need help, contact us. See you at the pool!

1. Can you swim 100 yards?

Can you swim 100 yards without stopping? Going slow is OK, and you are not required to do flip turns. If you can swim the 100 yards and if you're willing to participate in workouts where you'll be asked to do more, then you can be a DAM member. DAM isn't a learn to swim program, its a learn to swim better program!

2. Become a USMS member

All participants in DAM workouts must have a current USMS membership. Click the logo below to access USMS registration.  Note: DAM only requires the "standard" membership.

3. Sign up!

Register your contact information with DAM, name, email, the usual stuff. . You're almost done! 

Note: Your first month's dues will be prorated, based on the day you enroll. We'll send you an email with the prorated amount, which can be paid (see step 4) by check. 

4. Set up your monthly payments

Print and fill out our payment authorization form. Bring this, and a check for the first month's (prorated) dues, to the pool. 

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