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UPDATE: Monday, January 16

All DAYTIME DAM workouts are at Arroyo until further notice.

On Tuesday, Jan 17, we will resume our 6:15PM workout at Civic. This will be the only DAM workout at Civic Pool - all others are at Arroyo.

Prelim Results for USMS Brute Squad are here. Contact Event Director, Matt Zachan at with any questions or corrections by Thurs, Jan 19.

Check the Preliminary Results of the 2022 Brute Squad and Brute Lite. Click HERE

Check the Preliminary Results of the 2022 Non-Competition Brute Squad and Brute Lite. Click HERE

The One Hour Swim is upon us! This event runs from 1/1-1/31 with registration closing on 2/3. Click HERE for all the information on the One Hour Swim.

Welcome Swimmers!

In March 1974, a small group of enthusiastic swimmers formed a masters swim team in Davis, California. They held regular workouts, and soon word of  Davis Aquatic Masters, DAM, spread to other swimmers in the area. DAM developed a spirit in those early days, one of dedication to the sport of swimming, for competition and fitness, and to the community of support, and camaraderie fostered by this shared enthusiasm.

DAM's membership has grown to over 500 members. Our members compete in  local and national swim events, as well as in events that support our city, and events that celebrate the DAM spirit. Throughout the year DAM hosts local and regional swim events, picnics, parties, and annual club events that reinforce our belief in our team and in our community. Each and every DAM member will tell you that DAM is more than just a masters swim team, and that belonging to DAM enriches many aspects of our lives.

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