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  • Deadline to send photos/videos/gifts in 18 days (April 16).
  • The party for Stu and Mary's retirement in 28 days (April 25). 
  • Last day of Stu and Mary's 13 years as DAM head coaches in 33 days (April 30). 
  • First day of our new coach Craig Mallery in 34 days (May 1).
Questions? Contact Pat Quinn
Swim Program Update -

April 2021:
We are currently in the process of reorganizing our swim program to allow for 4 swimmers per lane. The new program will start on Monday, April 12. All participating swimmers have been sent assignments. 
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2021 Swim Programming is complete. See details.
At this time, all available swim slots are reserved by current club members. No new members are being accepted. When that status changes, a new message will be provided here.
If you are still interested in joining DAM, please contact Coach Mary at mjoyswim@gmail.com  for information on our waiting list.

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Current Program information

Welcome to the Davis Aquatic Masters (DAM), a Davis, California swim club that is one of the largest U.S. Masters Swim affiliates in the nation. DAM boasts a membership of over 500 people, beginning swimmers to world champions, age 18 to 90+, all dedicated to the simple pleasure of a good swim. Ordinarily we hold 43 coached workouts every week, and we offer two lap swim sessions each weekend, all year long. However, during this COVID-19 period we are operating under severely restricted conditions (see information about the 2021 swim program in the blue box above).

Interested in checking out DAM? Take a look at our daily workout schedule, monthly calendar and our pool facilities. We offer interested swimmers up to three free swims to see if DAM is for them. Drop-ins (must have current USMS membership) are always welcome [More info...]

Any more questions about DAM? Please contact us.


Mission Statement & Fundraising

Read more about DAM's mission and how you can support DAM.


DAM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation and tax-exempt public charity. Because DAM is a tax-exempt public charity, your donation is tax-deductible. You can donate today by clicking the button below. Your donations will ensure that DAM continues to provide... [more]

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