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DAM Membership Costs

The Details

  • DAM charges a monthly membership fee to all members, and a monthly pool fee that varies depending on the member's age. The two fees address the costs of renting the pools from the city, and the costs of running the club. 
  • Monthly DAM dues are paid by automatic monthly payment from your checking or savings account. Swim fees for unlimited swims also are paid by automatic monthly payment. 
  • "Drop-ins" also known as one-time visitors are those registered with USMS, but not members of DAM. All are welcome to swim a workout with DAM. Please check in with the Coach on deck at least 15 minutes prior to the workout you would like to swim. Cost is $10 per day, or $20 for a week depending on the length of the visit in town. Pay by cash or check to the Coach on deck. 

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