The Monday Message

September 26, 2022


Head Coach's Message

   This week I just want to say thank you to everyone for being so open to making changes to your strokes. It’s hard to change something you’ve done over and over for many years. It takes time, energy, and focus. This is why many people don’t end up following through. However, with over 78% responding favorably to making technique changes (out of over 230 responses), I think we have the crew to get it done!

   My challenge to you is to keep at it. Try to focus on one or two things to work on, and do it every day. Don’t try to do too much, just one or two things. Think about it at every workout until it starts to feel natural. Once you have those one or two things down, you can start on something new. Be patient. Making changes and getting better don’t happen overnight, but persistence will pay off!

   If you’re not sure what to work on, a great place to start is head position. Most people swim with their heads too high. Fixing this problem will raise your hips, reduce drag, and get you in a better body position. If you ever have questions about your stroke, just ask a coach. We’re happy to help!

Coach Matt

DAM Scholarship Program

   Part of DAM’s Mission Statement as a non-profit entity is to promote the health and well being of the Davis Community through adult swimming programs.

   During COVID, DAM began a sponsorship/scholarship program to assist members who had been financially impacted by the pandemic, and who could no longer afford to swim with our program. This program continues, and is available to assist members who experience unexpected financial hardship. 

   Have you or someone you know lost their job, been financially impacted by some life event that makes swimming at DAM not affordable? If so please fill out the scholarship application for a temporary fee waiver consideration.

2022 Grand Prix Update

   Shoutout to those who completed their 30/30 swims in September:

  • Laurie Warren
  • Jennifer Phelan
  • Katy Lantz
  • Bob Lantz
  • Deanna Johnson

   Any others? Email Leslie Westergaard and claim your 5 DAM Grand Prix points!

   The 2022 Grand Prix Season ends October 31, 2022. Updated standings can be found on the DAM website.

DAM Board Meeting

The next DAM Board meeting will be on Tuesday, October 11, at 6:30PM in the Brady Building.

DAM Birthdays 

Katy LantzMonday, October 3
Mary KahnTuesday, October 4
Murray GardnerWednesday, October 5
Donna BillickThursday, October 6
Rose CurleyThursday, October 6
Russell HaussermannThursday, October 6
Edwin MaedaThursday, October 6
Steve GarrettFriday, October 7
Toni HortonFriday, October 7
Rachel NorthropFriday, October 7
Laura BennettSunday, October 9

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