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Mission Statement

Davis Aquatic Masters (DAM) is dedicated to providing a team environment that fosters physical fitness through swimming. Members are trained to gain the benefits of swimming, either competitively or for fitness, and are encouraged to compete in swim events, and to participate in civic events that benefit our community.

DAM is a member of United States Masters Swimming (USMS) and actively participates in Pacific Masters Swimming, our local chapter. DAM maintains an active role in the national swim community and hosts local, regional and national swim events throughout the year.

DAM focuses on the following four components.

Swim Conditioning

The Swim Conditioning Program is at the core of DAM’s activities. DAM hosts 47 professionally coached workouts for members each week. DAM also hosts non-coached swims on weekends to promote self-directed swimmer conditioning and stroke improvement. DAM has reduced and waived membership fees for senior swimmers to encourage their participation, and offers scholarships to those in need. 

The program includes personal stroke improvement through:

  • On-deck coaching
  • Wide variety of workouts that emphasize different aspects of stroke technique
  • Workouts that emphasize sprinting or distance
  • Workouts that require the use of equipment that can target specific muscle groups
  • Workouts that emphasize breathing techniques

In addition, as recognized leaders in swimming technique and conditioning, DAM’s coaches routinely lead and participate in special weekend clinics for both swimmers and coaches. They have also authored articles published in the USMS monthly magazine Swimmer and posted instructional videos featuring DAM swimming on the Internet.

Education & Research

The Education and Research Program teaches participants about the long-term health benefits of swimming and how to swim efficiently. DAM hopes to continue promoting and taking part in research. For example, DAM participated in a study by researchers at the University of Indiana study on the relation between swimming and longevity.

DAM encourages education of non-masters swimmers through its Community Service Fund. This fund has been used to sponsor youth programs such as DART, a youth swim program, and infant and family swim classes for the Yolo Foster and Kinship Care Education program. DAM has also participated in University of California, Davis surveys on health benefits of swimming. In addition, DAM has sponsored a seminar on nutrition and swimming, which was led by a member.

Outside the pool, DAM sponsors a wide variety of social events for members that serve to build good relationships between members. DAM's yearly social events include barbecues, picnics, and an annual team holiday party. At the annual party, a "year-in-review" is presented by the Board president, and outstanding swimmers are recognized for their swimming or civic accomplishments. 

As part of our community service work, DAM raises funds and provides donated goods for the Food Bank of Yolo County, Loaves and Fishes Homeless Shelter, USA youth teams, and for cancer research as part of the Swim Across America Program. In March 2011, DAM members raised nearly $36,958 for cancer research in a month-long Swim Across America fundraising drive.


The Competition Program involves DAM-sponsored and other USMS competitive events. DAM has developed the Lake Berryessa Open Water Swim and Brute Squad Swim into races with national profiles. DAM also trains members for swim races in California and throughout the United States as a team, as individual members, or as members of relay teams.

DAM’s members have competed in USMS short course yards, short course meters, and long course meters competitions; the USMS One Hour Postal Swim National Championship; and other competitive events.

To encourage students to compete, DAM established the Steve Carlson Memorial Fund to cover costs associated with competition. DAM also has paid relay entry fees, provided stipends for students, and funded bus transportation to races for volunteers who work at the Lake Berryessa Open Water Swims.

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