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Coach's Message

Hi DAM Swimmers,

   Two weeks until registration is open for the Brute Squad and Brute Squad Lite. Sign-ups will be posted next week for swims and volunteers. Remember - you'll be able to swim your Brute Squad at certain practices. during weekend lap swim, or at another pool. All you will need is a lane (sharing a lane is possible, with some restrictions), a timer, and the DAM motivation to complete this event. 

   This Saturday's 9AM Coach's Hour will be a "Brute Squad inspired" workout led by coach Megan (see her introduction below).  There is no charge for this special workout.

   Congratulations to all DAM swimmers who competed at the Pac Masters SCM Championships last weekend! I'll post more details next week.

   Below is an introduction to one of our regular assistant coaches, Megan Lien. I'll be posting introductions like this in the coming weeks to help you get to know the members of DAM's outstanding crew of assistant coaches. Stop and say HI to Megan when you can!

   See you on the pool deck!

Coach Steve

Get To Know Me:  Featuring Megan Lien

   My name is Megan (Meg) Lien and I was born in Alhambra, CA, but grew up in San Marino, a small city close to Pasadena. I am a fourth year student at UCD currently pursuing a double major in Psych and Music. My goal is to put these degrees to work either in the area of education or forensic analysis.  

   I coach Tuesday - Thursday 10 and 11 am practices.  I love coaching and helping swimmers achieve their goals and working with each individually to get a good workout and prepare for upcoming meets or races. My swim career began as a 3 year old taking lessons and from there I have been on several swim teams and swam at the varsity my high school while helping coach the JV team. I have always been a sprinter, but have recently evolved into enjoying distance swimming a lot more. This past summer I was coaching at Get Fit Davis and Summer DARTS.

   During my free time I am an Ambassador for the College of Letters and Science, and the main music director for a student-run theater club called Studio 301. I enjoy 80's music and my favorite color is teal and number is 23.

Coach Megan


DAM Air Quality Policy revised

   It was only a few short years ago that DAM first cancelled practices due to poor air quality. The size and severity of wildfires has only increased, and unfortunately, DAM has been forced to cancel practices several times since. Like many organizations, we were caught unprepared for some very difficult questions: What is a "safe" level of air quality for our swimmers, and for our coaching staff? What measure of air quality should we use, and how is the decision made to cancel (or to not cancel) a practice? 

   As time passed,  more methods for measuring and quantifying air quality have become available. And while there is no universally accepted standard for acceptable air quality for outdoor fitness activities, there is some concensus that an air quality index (AQI) of 150 or more is a level at which strenuous outdoor activity should be restricted.

   The City of Davis cancels outdoor programs when the AQI reaches a level of 150 or more. DAM has used that same level as the determining factor in cancelling practices. But as our policy has come under more frequent use, we have found that the policy was lacking in some respects:
  • exactly who is making the determination, and when are they doing it? 
  • exactly how is the determination made? There are many sources for AQI information, which one, and what settings are used to obtain the current values? 
  • timely information for swimmers is essential
   The DAM Board of Directors has formally adopted the following policy for practice cancellations. It will take some time for all the essential pieces of this policy to come together, in the form of some automated tools for our swimmers and staff to use, but until then we will do our best to follow this policy.

   The DAM Air Quality Policy is as follows:
  1. DAM determines an AQI - the DAMAQI - using the following method:
    1. Using a pre-determined set of outdoor Purple Air Sensors close to Civic Pool, we collect the AQI for each from Purple Air's online map using these settings: "US EPA PM2.5 AQI" layer, "AQ&U" conversion, 10 minute averaging period. The average of those readings determines the DAMAQI. 
    2. The DAMAQI is checked every 15 minutes. 
  2. Cancellation of practices. If the DAMAQI rises above 150 for two consecutive measurements, made 15 minutes apart, then all DAM practices are cancelled until the DAMAQI returns to an acceptable level (see below).
  3. Resumption of practices. Once practices have been cancelled, they can only resume if the DAMAQI falls below 150 for two consecutive measurements, made 15 minutes apart. 
  4. Automatic cancellation.  If the DAMAQI rises above 200 on any single measurement, all DAM swimming stops immediately. 
  5. Coach's Discretion. The coach on deck can make the determination, based on current conditions, that a practice should be cancelled. This is meant for rapidly changing conditions, or other situations where the regular sources of information for the DAMAQI are unavailable or otherwise unreliable. 
   Notification to swimmers
  • DAM will attempt to provide notification through two methods
    • Website. We will post a message at the top of our homepage indicating that practices are cancelled, and when the time comes, that practices are resumed. 
    • Text Messaging. We are developing a text message alert system to give all DAM members (those who opt in) notification of cancellation and resumption of practice. 
  • DAM has a goal of providing notification of cancelled practices 30 minutes prior to their scheduled starting time. 



Nomination Period Now Open: Serve DAM by becoming a member of the Board of Directors - Application Deadline Oct 29

The board of directors will be holding elections beginning on November 10 for 3 open positions. Directors work on a wide variety of tasks and are responsible for administering DAM’s bylaws, polices, and procedures; attending and contributing to monthly board meetings; providing guidance and oversight of DAM’s operating budget; serving on committees; and representing the best interests of the organization. Terms are 2 years in duration. All directors must be DAM members in good standing.

If you wish to nominate a teammate, please speak with that person and ensure that they are willing to serve. You also may nominate yourself. If necessary, the board of directors will prepare the final slate of candidates. 

Please submit a one paragraph statement of interest to the DAM registrar ( no later than Friday, October 29. Questions? Contact a board member, the board president, or the DAM registrar.

13th Annual Ross Yancher Brute Squad & Brute Squad Lite

   Just a little reminder the Brute Squad will run from November 1 - December 18. Sometime during that period you can become a BRUTE. Full length (200 fly & 400 IM & 1650 free or lite (100 fly & 200 IM & 500 free). There's even the new Non Competetive category, for those of us who may want to swim all or part of the event with equipment. 

   So start planning for your Brute Squad! 

   New for BS in 2021: The Brute Squad Non-Competition Category. Any USMS registered swimmer athlete who needs or wants to use swim gear may swim the event and enter this special, inclusive category of the Brute Squad or Brute Squad Lite.

   Also new for BS in 2021: Swim your Brute Squad event in Honor of someone... and commemorate your achievement and the name of your Honoree - on your Brute Squad gear!


A farewell message...

Long-time member Melanie Bowden is leaving DAM, and asked if she could post an open message to ALL her teammates.

Thank you to DAM

When I moved to Davis 20 years ago, I didn’t know anyone. The first people I met, and friends I made, were through DAM. I am moving to Berkeley, but I will never be on another team that comes close to this one. I will miss my lane mates (you know who you are), friends, coaches, assistant coaches, lifeguards and all the support and laughter. If you ever have a question about anything, I’ll let you in on a secret: someone in the women’s locker room (a.k.a. the Fountain of ALL Knowledge) will know the answer. Thank you to DAM and its members for all you have given me. I will miss you, appreciate you more than I can say, and have loved being a part of this team.

Melanie Bowden

Attention Lap Swimmers!

The weekend schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday
    • 7-8AM : Practice
    • 8-9AM : Practice
    • 9-10AM : Coach's Hour
    • 10-11AM : Lap Swim
    • 11AM-12PM : Lap Swim
  • Sunday
    • 10-11AM : Lap Swim
    • 11AM-12PM : Lap Swim
    • 12-1PM : Lap Swim

The signup form is here, you know what to do!

More change is coming! Our old COVID-style signup is getting a little long in the tooth, and will be replaced soon with something a bit simpler. 

For now, though, please submit by 9PM Thursday of each week. 

more info | FAQ
If you don't receive a confirmation email of your lane and station, or can't find it by 3pm Friday, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us ( or

DAM Birthdays this week

Tue, Oct 19 Brett Stone

Wed, Oct 20 Christine Bruhn
Wed, Oct 20 Anne Rosenberg Main

Fri, Oct 22 Greg Menna
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