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Coach's Message

Hi DAM Swimmers,

   Brute Squad is right around the corner.  Sign-ups - to reserve a spot during your regular practice - will be posted this Wednesday. This Saturday we will have Coach’s Hour Clinic from 9am - 10am and the focus will be on backstroke.  Please let any of the on-deck coaches know if you would like to sign up.  

   DAM had a great showing at the Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Meet, held on Oct 15-17 in Walnut Creek . With 13 swimmers in attendance, DAM placed 3rd overall!  Congrats to all who raced. Here are some of the great results: 

Vivian Crow -  One 1st place, three 2nd place, and one 3rd place                                              
Emma Garforth -  One 1st place, four 2nd place, and two 3rd place                    
Sally Guthrie -  Five 1st place, two 2nd place                                                          
Avery Krovetz - Three 1st place, one 2nd place                                                          
Ted Krovetz - One 1st place, one 3rd place                                                          
Helene  Nehrebecki - Three 1st place, two 2nd place, two 3rd place                
Jennifer Phalen - Three 1st place, three 2nd place                                            
Peggy Reedy - One 1st place, one 3rd place                                                              
Amy Rieger - Seven 1st place                                                                                      
Matt Roper - Two 2nd place, one 3rd place                                                            
Jane Russell - One 1st place, one 2nd place, two 3rd place                                    
Leslie Westergaard - One 2nd place                                                                            
David Woodruff - One 3rd place

   Our relays did an excellent job too!

1st  Wmn’s  200 Med Relay        Amy, Jennifer, Sally, Leslie       Team Record
3rd  Men’s 200 Medley Relay            Matt, Avery, Ted, David       Team Record
1st  Wmn’s 400 Free Relay       Jennifer, Emma, Amy, Helene     Team Record
2nd place Men’s 400 Free Relay       David, Ted, Avery, Matt       Team Record
1st place Wmn’s 200 Free Relay      Helene, Jane, Amy, Vivian  Team Record
1st place Wmn’s 400 Medley Relay Amy, Jane, Vivian, Helene  Team Record

   Swimmer point totals:
 Amy 147  - Sally 143 - Emma 133 - Helene 133 -Jane 126 - Jennifer 123 - Avery 99 - Vivian 96 - Matt 71- Ted 39 - Peggy 39 - Leslie 35 - David 34    

   Excellent DAM effort and teamwork by all of our swimmers.

See you on the pool deck!
Coach Steve                

Get To Know Me:  Featuring Jon Jensen

Hi DAM swimmers,
   I was born in Berkeley, CA. I learned to swim as a youth, but didn’t swim competitively until I swam for the Chabot College Gladiators in Hayward from 2001-2002, where I mostly competed in distance and breaststroke events. I joined DAM in 2007 and now have a new favorite event, which is the 400 IM. The best part about coaching for me is helping people swim faster, improve fitness and achieve their goals.
   I graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Genetics. My interest is learning more about the mechanisms that lead to degenerative diseases, and how to counter the affects. We have already seen evidence that regular physical activity can help, so keep swimming!
   I served in the US Navy for 26 years, both active duty and reserves, and retired as a Senior Chief. My favorite color is Navy Blue, favorite music is classic rock and 80’s, and favorite number is 6.02214 × 1023


Coach Jon


13th Annual Ross Yancher Brute Squad & Brute Squad Lite

   A message from the Brute Squad co-directors:

   The Brute Squad event runs from November 1 through December 18, 2021! The meet sheet is available here. More info on the old DAM website.

   Time and lane space will be made available during regular practices - listen to the announcements after your warm-up -  and on weekends. A small amount of lane space will be devoted to Brutes, and the rest of us will squeeze together a little bit to make room. 

   We are looking for a team of "workout reps" for the DAM Brute Squad Team, or the DAM BeST! Each "workout rep" will help promote the Brute Squad in their practice, encouraging their lanemates and workout-mates to train, to schedule their Brutes, and celebrate their successes.

Who? We're looking for one swimmer rep from each DAM workout
Why? To have Big Fun & Catapult the 2021 Brute Squad participation to record heights!
Signing Bonus! DAM BeST members earn a free, cool (as always) official 2021 Brute Squad shirt!
How? To join the DAM BeST, contact Lynda at 

Let's all be Brutes this year! 

Nomination Period Now Open: Serve DAM by becoming a member of the Board of Directors - Application Deadline Oct 29

The board of directors will be holding elections beginning on November 10 for 3 open positions. Directors work on a wide variety of tasks and are responsible for administering DAM’s bylaws, polices, and procedures; attending and contributing to monthly board meetings; providing guidance and oversight of DAM’s operating budget; serving on committees; and representing the best interests of the organization. Terms are 2 years in duration. All directors must be DAM members in good standing.

If you wish to nominate a teammate, please speak with that person and ensure that they are willing to serve. You also may nominate yourself. If necessary, the board of directors will prepare the final slate of candidates. 

Please submit a one paragraph statement of interest to the DAM registrar ( no later than Friday, October 29. Questions? Contact a board member, the board president, or the DAM registrar.

Attention Lap Swimmers!

The weekend schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday
    • 7-8AM : Practice
    • 8-9AM : Practice
    • 9-10AM : Coach's Hour
    • 10-11AM : Lap Swim
    • 11AM-12PM : Lap Swim
  • Sunday
    • 10-11AM : Lap Swim
    • 11AM-12PM : Lap Swim
    • 12-1PM : Lap Swim

The signup form is here, you know what to do!

More change is coming! Our old COVID-style signup is getting a little long in the tooth, and will be replaced soon with something a bit simpler. 

For now, though, please submit by 9PM Thursday of each week. 

more info | FAQ
If you don't receive a confirmation email of your lane and station, or can't find it by 3pm Friday, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us ( or

DAM Birthdays this week

Sun, Oct 24 Tom Martens
Sun, Oct 24 William McDonald

Mon, Oct 25 Tariq Kadir
Mon, Oct 25 Jennifer Phalen
Mon, Oct 25 Mary-Therese Schweickert

Tue, Oct 26 Diane Davis

Wed, Oct 27 Ted Krovetz

Thu, Oct 28 Stephanie Koop
Thu, Oct 28 Harris Liu
Thu, Oct 28 Jared Shaw

Fri, Oct 29 William Chan
Fri, Oct 29 Paul Del Bene
Fri, Oct 29 Diane Lardelli

Sat, Oct 30 Debbie Gritts
Sat, Oct 30 Barb Paulson
Sat, Oct 30 Lauren Prince
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